Saturday, October 9, 2010

You Tell Me

To paraphrase Elizabeth Barrett Browning's "How Do I Love Thee? (Sonnet 43)
I instead say:

How do I NOT love thee? Let me count the ways.

I want you to see two reviews of a book that I not only enjoyed but did a review of.

Review of Seduced By The Wolf Option One


Review of Seduced By The Wolf Option Two

If you've read any of my previous posts, then you realize that I have a pet peeve about a synopsis posing as a review. Last month I posted a link to a review and talked about what it should have included to make it better.

This month I want to do a comparison between two reviews about the same book and let you decide which is a better review. Which gives you more information that would be beneficial to a potential reader? Which sounds more like conversation versus a documentary? Which one would more likely sell you on reading the book or at least checking it out further?

You tell me. What works, what doesn't. Yes, I'm putting myself out there but I'm all about improving what I do. Every reviewer should want to improve her/his skill and feedback, especially if you don't have access to a reviews editor, can be an important tool.

So go ahead. You tell me. I'm all ears.


Beth Caudill said...

I definitely like review number two better. As a reader (and writer) I find the first review lacking in excitement.

Even though I read the book and loved it, the first review didn't make me want to read it again. The second review did.

I want to know that the reviewer truly liked the book and it's not just another summary of the books plot and then a sentence or two opinion.

Xeranthemum said...

Thank you so very much, Beth, for sharing your observations.

I agree with you, on both counts. Even though I'm partial to the second review I agree about the lack of excitement. I find Terry Spear's books to be packed with excitement and the first review didn't tap into it at all.

I keep waiting for someone who writes the first type of review to jump in and defend their style, but it's not happened yet. And with your last statement you sum it up quite well. Are they willing to defend a 'summary' and truly expect us to accept it as a quality review in light of the alternative?

I'm not perfect. Far from it, but neither am I way off base. I'm in the ball park and with feedback, I'll strive to hit home runs with my reviews.

Thanks for helping to keep me on my toes, Beth!

{tee hee - on my toes - my word verifcation is buinon = bunion }