Saturday, October 9, 2010

Spoilers - A Fine Line

An author's bane is a review that tells the story for them. Not just a synopsis but a revealing of certain key points about the characters, plot or motivation that a reader should have to discover from reading the book itself, not a review.

A review can allude to key points without actually stating what they are with specifics. It can be avoided and should be at all costs.

Take a look at these two reviews. I think one skirts into "Spoiler Land" and the other hints and teases. From an author's perspective, are they both good or is one as close as I think it is to telling too much?

Option ONE The Fire Lord’s Lover (Elven Lords, Book 1) by Kathryne Kennedy

Option TWO
The Fire Lord’s Lover (Elven Lords, Book 1) by Kathryne Kennedy

There actually is a lot to like in the first review. I clearly get a feel that the reviewer read the book and did enjoy herself. But at any point did she go too far?
What do you think?
If not - I think you can see where it easily could have.
And if so, by seeing this comparison it might help to illustrate what I mean about spoilers because sometimes we all learn better through example.
Show not tell.

My question: Did the reviewer skirt the spoiler line or did she cross?

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