Tuesday, December 7, 2010

That *%$^%$ Review!!!

Hello again!

I've been sifting through review sites looking for topics I've not covered and I think I may actually have stumbled upon one.

It was a short review.  But that's not it.
The review didn't tell me much about the story at all.  And nope, that's not it either.
I give high marks for sheer enthusiasm from the reviewer and her excitement certainly came through.
But her excitement inspired her to use certain words that got me wondering - what is the Golden Rule for "those" kind of words? 
Should they be allowed in reviews?
Are there exceptions?
Do they lessen a review's integrity??

Of course, it would help if you could see what am I referring to.  Take a look at this link  Blue Light Special  

See what I mean?  So, I ask you, where do we draw the line?  Should there even be a line?  What words do you find acceptable and in what capacity should they be used, if ever?

My personal feeling is that they should not be used.   I think the reviewer would have been better off using less profanity and more words to actually describe a bit more about the characters, emotions or plot and focus not so much on the !!!!! SEX!!!!!.   I'm glad the sheet action was good.  Really, I am.  But as a reader, that's not enough for me.  

What is your opinion or thoughts?