Monday, April 11, 2011


I look for reviews to teach.
Sometimes, I find reviews that I wished I had written because they are so well done and it's what I strive for.

I'm going to share a few that I think show and reinforce that there are good reviewers out there. We need more.

First, this is a review for Vowed in Shadows by Jessa Slade
I thought this review provided indepth insight and the reviewer was articulate.

The second:

Inasmuch as the first sentence was ... sort of passive, the rest of the review shared feelings without spoilers and it had an upbeat and positive spin. Maya Banks – Sweet Seduction

This review is short but it has opinion and it's upbeat and I liked the reviewer's voice. All I Ever Wanted by Kristan Higgins

So what do you think? I liked the positiveness and respect they showed. I liked that they weren't synopsis. The reviewer talked about things that were liked, sharing a personal touch on how the book's storyline and/or characters affected them. Opinions are wonderful things when expressed well.

Which review was your favorite?


Anonymous said...

I liked the second one the best. It had a good flow and only one repetition ( starts, and ...starting with). It held my interest and I agree with you that aside from the weak first sentence, it had a upbeat feeling. I think the word, 'breathless' is being worn out by reviewers, though.
I found this repeat in the first one: 'The ending is fraught with tension and suspense. Ms. Slade does a wonderful job of slowly building up to the ending for a tense suspenseful finale that leaves you...' That was distracting to me.
I really wanted more information and detailed opinion than the last one gave, but I agree that they were all good in one way or another. Rina

Xeranthemum said...

Thanks for taking the time to check them out.

And I agree with you. It's really hard to find reviews out there that are perfect and give a reader exactly what they are looking for. Something always seems to be lacking.

So, finding some that have moments of genius is a treat. But, we shouldn't have to settle for less especially when we know the difference. I write like I want to read - well, I try to anyway.