Friday, November 12, 2010

What Do You Want To Know?

I am going to switch things around today.

I have shared quite a few things that I felt were relevant to writing reviews and I'm thrilled with the comments I've received.

But now I ask, "What do you want to know? What would you ask a reviewer if you could?"

This is your turn to quiz me. Ask me anything about reviews that you want. If I don't know the answer, I'll have the great folks at LASR/Whipped Cream Reviews come by and help out.

Anyone can ask from fellow reviewers, authors or readers thinking about becoming reviewers.
I've said my piece and I've had fun but now I'm ready to find out:

What do YOU want to know about reviewing or being a reviewer? 


Megan Johns said...

I recently discovered a one star reader review on Amazon for one of my favourite authors which I felt was a travesty. I must stress that this was not a professional reviewer, but once the rating is out there the damage is done. I have just blogged on the topic of 'Reviews and Forgiveness' at if you would like to include this in your discussion
Best Wishes
Megan Johns

Chrystal said...

Just stopping by to say I love you blog... great posts.

PS I have given you an award over at

Xeranthemum said...

Megan, I tried to place this comment on your blog but Disqus was having issues. Soooo, Here is what I wrote:

Thanks for visiting my blog, Megan!
I agree, it's a travesty when an author you adore gets a bum rating.
I wish I knew what book it was to see if the harsh review mentioned WHY. If it
can be justified, even if only from that reader's POV then it can be accepted, from that reader. (lol - not saying you have to forgive the person. )
If all they say is that it tanked ...that's just mean. And without justification, I usually ignore those types of reviews. No value.
I hope other fans of the book pipe up and provide a balanced view for other Amazon shoppers. Law of averages and all that...

Xeranthemum said...

Chrystal! Thank you!!

Whenever you have questions or reviewing topics you're curious about, drop me a line.

I oftentimes find it enlightening to talk shop. ;-)