Sunday, August 1, 2010

What's my latest?

Terry Spear has come out with another winner: Seduced by the Wolf

It's amazing how an author can weave such an intricate tale and incorporate characters from books past while already thinking of how to incorporate them into future books with more new characters. What must their office be like?

Karen Marie Moning writes books that stand the test of time. As least this series does and even though it's been out for awhile To Tame a Highland Warrior  it's as romantic and entertaining as the first time I read it years ago.

A well written review is Saving Emma. because there wasn't a plethora of synopsis. There was teasing, hinting, and a lot of good information that a reader would need to help them discover whether or not this book is the kind of book they are looking for.  A review is supposed to be a tool readers use to figure out if it's what they are in the mood for at that moment, if it's reaching the reviewer like they themselves would want to be reached.  I think this review does that.

Those are my three picks for today. And where am I finding all this goodness?  In my own backyard of course.  LASR

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